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UP Aerospace Corporation is a space launch and flight test service provider incoporated in 2004 to offer world class access to space. We specialize in advanced engineering, launch technology development, and state-of-the-art rapid and low cost launch operations. UP Aerospace has successfully reduced the cost and scheduled time of launching experiments and commercial payloads into space with our in-house developed SpaceLoft launch platform. Our headquarters are located in Denver, Colorado, with launch facilities at Spaceport America in New Mexico.


About the Photo:  The SpaceLoft-4 was launched into space on May 4, 2010 from the UP Aerospace Launch Pad One.  The vehicle achieved an altitude of 71.5 miles and experienced 4 minutes of microgravity time.  (photo credit: Las Cruces Sun News) 


June 21, 2013: UP Aerospace successfully launches SpaceLoft 7 for NASA
The SpaceLoft rocket lifted off at 7:57 a.m. (MT), on a suborbital mission carrying seven payloads for NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program. The seven payloads represent experiments to develop and advance future technologies. Additionally, New Mexico Space Grant Consortium flew educational experiments representing students from high school through Universities. Also on board were Celestis Memorial Spaceflight Capsules, launching a symbolic portion of cremated remains of 36 individuals on a final mission into space. The execution of this mission is part of the contract awarded to UP Aerospace by NASA in 2011, to provide low cost commercial launch services to NASA. This mission marks the first fully manifested space flight for NASA's Flight Opportunities Program. During the post flight press conference, Jerry Larson, President of UP Aerospace stated, “This mission was a complete success where all systems performed perfectly.” He also commended NASA for paving the way for NASA’s use of commercial launch services. Jerry Larson announced that, “UP Aerospace is looking forward to the launch of SpaceLoft 8 for NASA this fall.” The SpaceLoft 8 launch is scheduled for October 9, 2013. Jerry Larson said, UP Aerospace is already working the payload integration for this mission.

April 5, 2012: UP Aerospace Launches Payloads Into Space for the DoD and NASA Flight Opportunities Program
(Spaceport America, New Mexico) At 8:18 a.m. SpaceLoft-6 lifted off from Spaceport America making this the 6th space launch and the 10th launch overall for UP Aerospace. In an awesome display of space flight technology the vehicle reached an altitude of 385,640 feet, and returned from space landing successfully on White Sands Missile Range. SpaceLoft-6 carried payloads for The Department of Defense (ORS), as well as the first space flown payload for NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program. “The vehicle performed perfectly from liftoff to touchdown”, said UP Aerospace President, Jerry Larson. He added, “This is a proud day for us in being able to display the remarkable performance of the SpaceLoft vehicle with proven performance, precision, safety, and mission success.”

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